On Friday night a group of twenty-five formed to spring clean our church building, Seaside Seconds. The accumulated dust was removed, shelves were tidied, clothes sorted, pizza was eaten, drinks were drunk and conversation shared. We did church together! Seaside Seconds is the heartbeat of our church, providing a visible and tangible presence in our community.

The group who serve at Seaside Seconds create a space for community to happen; volunteers are welcomed, relationships form and through the ministry of Seaside Seconds lives are transformed. Whether through the gift of a grant, a helping hand, a listening ear or a welcoming smile we allow the power and presence of the living God to shine through us. This is the power of making disciples, growing and sharing our faith, in groups.

Jesus discipled in groups. At times it was the inner three: Peter, James, and John, he invested three years into a group of twelve and sent out a larger group of seventy-two in pairs. This is a model for us to follow as we seek to make disciples; two by two, in groups and in community.

Sunday worship at 11:00 a.m. at the Uniting Church, Murch Crescent.


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